On the Difficulties of Becoming a Yogi or a Prophet, etc.

Quick off the cuff note i gave as an answer to a question on quora about the difficulty of becoming a yogi. I probably should/will break this up into several posts.

Being spiritual and having a personal relationship with the Creator is something for everyone to have and embody but being a yogi (notice i didnt say becoming one) is not easy. While anyone can become a saint or bodhisattva, and indeed that is the objective, becoming a yogi is a calling, you dont wake up and decide to be a a spiritual teacher (prophet in the West). it seems to me anyway. There are very few VERY few. Not common, not in this age. And It picks you. What you need to do to get there is kinda laid out for you; if you observe reality as it is(meditation works great for this).

This is in direct opposition with the perspective of most people. the value judgements coming from ones’ rational mind (almost always uninformed and always lacking a sufficiently broadband & encompassing perspective; due to its very nature and function). Net result of this way is delusion and ignorance and worse. In case you hadnt noticed heh.

Buddha said something like the gap between reality and the way we see things is SUFFERING ITSELF. So one must align their perspective with reality 100%. And its painful along the way. Hence why they say ignorance is bliss. That is incorrect however. The cause the suffering just pops up somewhere else in your life. it doesnt go away without dealing with it.

[Tautology alert]Bliss is bliss and you only get bliss if you have no suffering. You have no suffering only if you see reality as it is through observation rather than through value judgments from the thinking mind. Thinking mind is just a tool that is a major component of agency for sentient beings. Agency being the thing that allows you to act in the material world. Moving your hands etc.

Word: most painful time (if you choose the positive side) seems to be right before you lock 100% on to reality. at least for me. and i see it in others. so dont let that discourage you. Then staying there becomes the challenge. And you will be tested make no mistake.

Word 2: What The Creator wants and wills for us  the absolute best possible outcome for us. There is NO RATIONAL REASON to be angry at him, or whatever, except to hurt yourself.

Word 3: Do not get caught up in distractions and pitfalls of your particular path. Keep your mind on the Creator. Commune with him. Get to know him. He tends to speak to us non-verbally. My pet theory is at the mind body interface but thats another story. But remember always that He wants to know you. Thats part of why we are here.

Word 4: Read mad scripture son. Esp The Bible, The Gita, The Vedas ( namely the upanishads), native american spirituality, as well as the q ran.

Word 5: Spirituality should be in everything you do. Its not a part time gig.

Word 6:You will be given more gifts as you grow the ones you have. Do not pay them any special mind. Reflexes, prophesy etc. Just play your role. Dont get a big head. Dont flaunt it. Dont use it for self gain. You will gain more than you can contain if you do things the right way. Otherwise your gifts can quickly become a curse as much as a blessing if you use them with evil intention, ie inflicting/enforcing your will on the outside world. Think manipulation* of others as an example. Intentionality drives outcomes.

Coincidently (or not) manipulation is an precursory introduction to black magick. Often classed as witchcraft or lower magick. BADDDDDDDDD SHIT dont fuck with it. They will collect the debt you incur and youll end up paying with your life ( and thats the best case scenario!).

Ive personally seen even heros and saints and wisemen fall,. some were close friends.

and yes i know manipulation is fucking common and acceptable in society that doesnt mean it aint evil. Its also weak .

All weird shit like magick is wack, why on earth would you appeal to some lesser spirit when you can go straight to the source? The height of idiocy and blindness, and self destructive.

Word 7: Be humble and curious. Rise to the occasion. Self actualize. No matter who you are.

Word 8: ALWAYS ALWAYS Own your actions and thoughts. Take personal responsibility, or you are a fake at best. Your words will fall flat on the ground if you dont own up.

I know i forgot some stuff so ill write about that when it comes up.

Perspective -worldview that directs, informs, and gives rise to thoughts
Final Note: If you think anything worthwhile in this life is easy you should re evaluate after collecting more information.