Eyewitness: Pacific Dying. Fukushima is Great Caving in the East

There is, according to this eyewitness, ‘a pink film’ floating on the surface of the Pacific.  Fisheries in Vietnam have collapsed (no doubt in other places as well, however the eyewitness only traveled to Vietnam). There are no fish to eat there. And the children are becoming sick in great numbers. I personally spoke with said eyewitness about these matters, this is not 3rd hand information or fear mongering.

While i do not think that pink film is radioactive waste, i do think it is from Fukushima. Most likely from efforts to contain it and or clean or aggregate the waste to recapture it. Fail. Most fallout isotopes are going to be heavy iodine cesium uranium PLUTONIUM, which is so fucking toxic a micrograms will poison you, they will be heavier than water and tend not to form a film on the surface.

Interesting Prophecy relating to fuk-u:

Hindu prophecy states that hard to reach water will become sites of pilgramage, and that the land will be known only as that which is without water (radioactive ocean water). See wikipedia on hindu eschetology. 

Islam prophecy states that there will be a great caving in the east one in the west and one in the mid-east. Well look for yourself but id say this is the great caving in the east. One of the major signs of the end times in Islam.


Rev 8:8-9 And the 2nd angel poured out his vial upon the sea: and it became as the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea.

Rev 16:4-7: And the 3rd Angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and they became blood… and the 3rd angel said “For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink, for they are worthy.”


Addressing This Issue In Hinduism Right Away

So as all Christians know (whether part of the Elect, are lukewarm, or image-based Chistians), the Godhead is 3 part: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. This is correct and the enemy has been unable to pervert that notion in the west. In the east in Hinduism the trinity has been perverted into have The Father, the Son, and ALLSKETCHLIKE,  the devil installed himself as part of it,as shiva ,  the lord of destruction.

How blasphemous! Faulty. And not a road you want to find yourself on or allow yousrelf go down. You just dont entertain the notion as truth. You see it and you say thats not true.

Of course the devil used different ways to corrupt the western religions. Both have areas that were comprised, sadly. But in the infinite creativity of the Lord, the living God, he has overgrown and brushed aside like nothing obstructions to his true plan for things is always triumphant. Anyone who goes up against God has no clue who they are messing with.. they are vanquished before they ever step onto the field of battle. They just cant see it coming, not until after it has gone through and done the damage.. You find yourself bleeding out on the ground; death by thousand cuts. And how many just ride that ignorance train all the way to the bitter end. If that is you, drop your weapons right now and ask for forgiveness. And of you who are angry with God: recognize it is your problem, not his. You created it, with a faulty ass perspective of reality. stop thinking you know best and ask forgiveness from the Creator.



The Lost Tribe of Isreal and Aryan Indians

The Lost Tribe of Isreal is to be found in the hindus of northern india. I cant remember the scripture at the moment but it involves the lost tribe and how one went one direction and the other went the other direction. Well I was pondering how much the hindus got right, and how it is out of place to not quote the Gita alongside the Bible, and the Lord tied it in a nice bow for me by acklowledging this yet again and further connecting it to what he has shown me the real meaning of the scattering of man post tower of babel. That his ‘languages’ were fractured and he didnt know what his neighbor said anymore and all that. What this happens to translate to in our world is the breakup of the original complete living word of God (this is what ended up as mans ‘languages’ should have translated to instead) and that it was spread across the corners of the earth such that no man could understand neighbors spirituality anymore. And none of them would have the whole picture, the entire scripture.

Approximately 15 years ago the Lord had me seek out and learn. and i read from some of the other great religious traditons of the world, beyond the Holy lands, far to the east. I learned what each had to offer so that i quote it now as nearly as often from the Gita the i do the Bible. Chiefly among them i learned Hindu, but also Daoist and Buddhist. Buddhism is not a religion or at least it didnt start out that way. Rather it is a spiritual practice or collection of them to get you to the place you are ready to repent to the Lord and to accept the savior, where your journey really just barely _begins_ , not ends). I will be speaking from each and doing a little comparison here and there and also contrasting to show what we are incomplete in the west, that is common wisdom in the east.. And how the same sorts of ∝∝∝∝∝∝ phrases and concepts are discussed with almost uncanny similarity (this i will shed light on later, in detail,  and as the Lord has shown me through revelation and inspiration when writing it down) . And yet there are differences, and you cannot truly understand what it is that God wants us to know from scripture without having the whole scripture. You can be too easily deceived with only half the picture.


And so of course, the enemy has since contributed to increasing the division and the lack of understanding and comprehension of the (Biblical no doubt cut from a different part of the hide but still fits together near perfectly if you were to diassassemble the leather book backing  and reconnect the pieces. validity of other religious tradiitons by doing his usual thing as the accuser. That there is (by his vile hand no doubt)  witchcraft and perversions in the east does not mean that everything they know is garbage.  The devil wants us to only see the  twisting and perversion. But we have that in the west the same as them, albeit in different flavors. Do not discard the baby with the bathwater. Use the discernment the Lord has gifted you to guide you to the jewels of the Lord of Lords that our neighbor does adorn himself with, and that you come to know these long time hidden truths that he has seen fit to reveal after so many millenia.

One cannot be a true champion of the Truth without the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth. And without as deep of an understanding of the east to pair with its western counterpart you cannot truly be a Judge of the Lord, judging the Truth and exposing the Lies. You cannot and do not have the necessary foundations to truly and accurately convey the inspired Word of the Lord through writing scripture or prophecy without it. Why do you think no new scripture has been written for more than a thousand years? Post Arc (and ill share what the Lord has revealed the purpose of the Ark of the Covenant to be soon) and post Babel no one had teh requisite understanding and spiritual depth and foundation necessary to unerringly convey the Word and so the Lord did not speak it to man until such time as the scripture and those divisons could begin to be healed and rejoined.


The Mark of the Beast – What it is

 What it is & a bit about why its important

The mark of the beast is placed on one who has bought into the grand delusion put forth by the ancient enemy and the rest of the forsaken. So one who has bought into worshipping that image, that blasphemy, bears its mark. And they will not be saved. They will never repent and they are going to the place that their hearts are already full of.. nothingness. So the hand wringing and whatnot, the big ordeal made about this within the legit Red Letter Christian circles can be put to rest.

Its the deception, stupid.

It’s the grand delusion that we should be eyes wide open and have our mind on God, alpha to omega, lest even a number of the Elect might be deceived by its cunning. Let no man, nor malevolent interdimensional entity, deceive you. Nor let them foster selfdeception in you. Self -deception cannot be recovered from. It is the gaping maw of the bottomless pit. How can you be liberated from a deception of your own making? Besides God sovereignly delivering you, but he wont do it against your will.


What should you do to prepare?

A lack of a real and ongoing relationship  with the Creator that will be the downfall of certain of the Elect. If it is Gods’ will. Those without the closeness of the Lord will not receive his knowledge and wisdom fast enough, if at all (you might be lukewarm). I was born into a relationship with the Lord, it is natural to me, and so i may not be the best one to explain how to go about cultivating this from 0.. ill let other louder voices than mine rant about it

Be that agent of the Lord such that his light radiates from you such that a mere glance will sear the fallen and they will writhe in agony at the very sight of it. And yet you will be as a beacon brightly lit so that all those who seek the Lord and salvation through his Son shall find it.  Stay safe and keep your mind on God always.






Black Physics I: The Hidden Purpose of CERN

Black Physics 1: Same Shit Different Aeon

Most of this you hear about CERN is garbage and conspiracy theories that go apeshit. How the fuck do i i know?  I worked 10 years at synchrotron light source in the states. They have been doing this stuff for decades now successfully, hiding behind ‘machine physics’ days where the machine is off limits to regular scientists.

But what are they doing you ask? They have fused science and spirituality and made the technology of the celestial beings manifest here on earth. And they are gonna not so much open portals to other dimensions but rather ‘beam’ things to and from other dimensions. This hasnt included entities up until now. With CERN they finally appear to have achieved the conditions necessary to transport entities without annihilating the target. All of this I will talk about more shortly, as soon as i dig my notes out. I have contacts at CERN from my days working in the same type of labs, and I will be reaching out to them soon. I will be sharing their ‘boots on the ground’ perspective as well as this higher level one. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?




Spiritual Laws of the Universe

In progress, post #1 of <Several>


1) Self Actualization is a rule. Large portion of our existence and the hardships in it are there because of or in order to drive the growth towards us reaching our full potential and beingness.

2)Progression is made by learning from whatever challenges or hardships

If you find yourself asking questions such as: why is this happening to me or what did i do to deserve this? then it is a good chance you arent getting the picture. And almost certainly aren’t learning from the events and thus you get to ‘revel’ in the sisyphian experience of repeating over and over again these ‘horrible’ things that ‘keep happening’ to ‘you’; see step 3.

3) The difficult experiences you must face and learn from will not go away until you complete the task of learning from them.

Some people spend their ENTIRE LIVES beating their head against the wall over the same pile of experience manure. That is always tragic when you see it in the wild, and its frighteningly common. Most people make it so many steps and then almost defiantly stomp their foot and refuse to go any farther.