One world religion vs restoration of Gods’ original

Like how the enemy has subverted Gods’ plan for a new heaven and new earth and Christ reigning for 1000 years into NWO antichrist beast system; So has he subverted Gods’ original religion(before one of his judgement on man), the enemy has perverted that into a  ‘one world religion’ which is the synthesis or creation of a new religion. This is not the same as restoring Gods’ original ‘religion’ for humanity. That must be noted. Since i hear so much hatred from Christians of Hinduism (Vedanta) and the like which, when carefully studied they both share much.


  • God as a trinity (yes it has been perverted but there are such perversions in each legit religion lets be honest)
  • New heaven and new earth created by God, like as in hinduism, but a smaller timeslice in Bible perhaps.
  • A future time of judgement
  • The savior returning on a white horse
  • The savior not coming in peace this time
  • The restoration of man kind to pre fall
  • The 1000 year reign of the Savior
  • God is a personal God we can have a relationship with


That is confirmation folks of those particular things. It is not fakery, or trickery, its truth, from two separate religions but shared. We can extrapolate from there that it is indeed truth. So we can sift that truth (including prophecy) out as truth from distortions, given we have discernment that is sufficient and a personal relationship with God.


The Mark of the Beast – What it is

 What it is & a bit about why its important

The mark of the beast is placed on one who has bought into the grand delusion put forth by the ancient enemy and the rest of the forsaken. So one who has bought into worshipping that image, that blasphemy, bears its mark. And they will not be saved. They will never repent and they are going to the place that their hearts are already full of.. nothingness. So the hand wringing and whatnot, the big ordeal made about this within the legit Red Letter Christian circles can be put to rest.

Its the deception, stupid.

It’s the grand delusion that we should be eyes wide open and have our mind on God, alpha to omega, lest even a number of the Elect might be deceived by its cunning. Let no man, nor malevolent interdimensional entity, deceive you. Nor let them foster selfdeception in you. Self -deception cannot be recovered from. It is the gaping maw of the bottomless pit. How can you be liberated from a deception of your own making? Besides God sovereignly delivering you, but he wont do it against your will.


What should you do to prepare?

A lack of a real and ongoing relationship  with the Creator that will be the downfall of certain of the Elect. If it is Gods’ will. Those without the closeness of the Lord will not receive his knowledge and wisdom fast enough, if at all (you might be lukewarm). I was born into a relationship with the Lord, it is natural to me, and so i may not be the best one to explain how to go about cultivating this from 0.. ill let other louder voices than mine rant about it

Be that agent of the Lord such that his light radiates from you such that a mere glance will sear the fallen and they will writhe in agony at the very sight of it. And yet you will be as a beacon brightly lit so that all those who seek the Lord and salvation through his Son shall find it.  Stay safe and keep your mind on God always.