HypoChristians Help the Needy: Their Own Images

I cannot stand a certain kind of idolater who calls himself a Christians, but only thinks of himself and his own image and public persona when it comes to helping others especially the downtrodden and arguably most persecuted group in todays america, the homeless. This type of Christian, lets call him Mr. Hypochristian, is a bald faced hypocrite and his heart has grown cold. They will do some showy act of charity to demonstrate to themselves and the herd that they are good God fearing Christians. The kind that that will hand out a sleeping bag on a sunday, while their building lies dormant 90% of the week. They go home patting themselves on the back thinking about how great they are to help ‘the needy’ (As if they werent real people, the needy lol. How insulting)

Look im not saying dont help the homeless by handing out needed items. Not at all. Im referring to the ones who hand out goods on sunday while the now ‘helped’ homeless sleep in freezing conditions under the overhangs outside the church which is only used 1 day out of 7 by said hypocrites.

Let me make this clear, This type, this Hypochristian group are an iniquitous vile bunch of major league hypocrites, who are convinced how great they are helping people while knowingly doing things like letting the same people languish freezing night after night outside the front doors of warm buildings only used 1 day out of the week. These are the kind of people that will hear “Assuredly, I never knew you” from Christ

Hypochristians -> tha fuck outta here with that.


Why the Homeless Are So Persecuted

Simply because they represent the most fertile ground for souls to help bring to the Lord. And indeed is usually a captive audience (jail is another) does make it easier to work with them. And their level of desperation is another factor. But I’m going to argue that its because the homeless are a largely untapped and under ministered to yet chock full of saints in waiting. The land is in such a famine for the word of the Lord that for example most people dont even know how to tell if its God interfacing with them or the enemy. regardless of living situation.

So ofc who do we shit on as a society? The ones closest to God. Who do we dehumanize? The most ‘christian’ segment in populations today, the homeless.  Sure there are bad apples in every batch. But they are often in need of knowing there is another way, one that is free from things that torment and plague them like mental illness and drug addiction. And when you take the time to get to know the good ones, they hunger to know the Most High.

Instead they are bombarded with fallen angel religion and ancient mystery religion rehashes. Often they beocme possessed or struggle against them powerless to expell them. Until they invite the Most High in and repent, and the demons are cast out.

Remember the next time you pass a homeless person, cause he quite possibly will be judging you, together with the Most High. And while enjoying a close position to the Lord in Heaven.

I Just Cant Get Enough of Psalm 82

This is post is still in progress. But i like psalm 82 so much that i thought i should push it out right away. This is one of the most hardcore passages in the bible. God bitchslaps the rebel angels/the “gods” and informs them that their ass is grass. Despite what they may think he can and will do what he wishes and they have to take it.



Rebel elohim put on notice: under pain of death judgement.

 Even immortality is given and taken away by my hand – God

Where in Revelation Are We?

Some thoughts on where in revelation we are currently finding ourselves.

The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

The crazy wildfires everywhere?

“The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, 9a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.”

The huge amalgamated 3x .jp nuclear cores now in the pacific ocean, killing it. Video telemetry of the cores underwater reveals it looks like a mini sun. I recommend you peep dis for yourself. If you can stomach it. Its gut wrenching. Fukushima.

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water—11the name of the star is Wormwood.a A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

This one im missing something on, like the first trumpet. I await the Lords’ instruction. Still just because I dont have all the answers doesnt mean we arent deeper in revelation and doesnt mean this event hasnt happened.

“The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night.”

The eclipse of August 2017?

The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.2When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss.3And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. 4They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. 6During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

7The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. 8Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. 9They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. 11They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).

That would put us in the fifth seal. The key to the bottomless pit has been given we are midway through the fifth seal, via accelerator technology. And since no one that i know of has been stung by flying things with womens hair, we are still within the fifth. Which is a scary place to be. Woe to the inhabitants of Earth, indeed.

Harmful Effects of Archaic Language and Cliches on Sharing the Word of God

The often frustrating practice of using archaic language when it comes to the Bible and Christianity is counterproductive and unhelpful. It is not even from God. God wants us to understand and easily read and know his truths. They are meant to be understood even by the so-called simple minded. SO why is there this tradition of using flowery words and language constructs that are opaque and hard to understand? Seemingly requiring a translator on the spot in order to get the meaning?

This is a man-made tradition and practice. Created and perpetuated by the church in order to ensure the churches role as an intermediary with God. But we know we don’t need any other intermediary with God for we have Christ to do that,

This practice hurts Christianity and discourages believers from attempting to know the truths of God. That is nasty and the whole practice needs to go the way of the do do bird. I am of the opinion that said practice is one of the major factors dissuading people from reading the Bible and making an effort to know God and understand his truths and even from communicating with God in any capacity. This is tragic and I am taking a stand against this heretical practice right here and right now.

Make no mistake, i am not advocating substitutions of words for ease of reading at the expense of the original meaning, never that! But there are so many cases where translations of the Bible could be easier for a modern reader to grasp without having to pull out a concordance or a dictionary; and still maintain the full essence and meaning that God intended.

Think of how many, for example, teenagers are turned away from Bible reading because of the borderline nonsensical verbiage present in every Bible translation commonly available. I know from personal experience that it was an irritant for me as a youngster and I can say without a doubt i would’ve spent more time in my Bible if it didnt have a cryptic readability factor that rivaled Shakespeare linguistically. This also caused many a misunderstanding and argument with my Christian mom that turned out to be wholly a miscommunication arising from the words used. We almost always came to discover that we were in fact talking about the same thing the entire time, we just used different terms or had attached different meanings to the same terms.

Of course IO know that God can do anything and work with anything in the * of his plan, and that this kind of thing wont stop him. Yes that is true. But to fall back on that is a bit of a cop out in my opinion. And it is working against God and his purpose to not rectify this.  The same holds true in the use of spiritual cliches which are often archaic and seem to almost be designed to be difficult to understand and requiring of an interpreter. Reminds me of mathematics and its intentional obfuscation by elitists cliques who want to make it difficult to understand so that they are special being keepers of some hidden knowledge. well that is not what God intended with his word.

We as Christians should start a dialogue on how to best remedy this situation, or else we risk becoming even more irrelevant in the minds of the unsaved. The current situation is not very effective at bringing people to God, or at the very least produces additional obstacles that are wholly unnecessary. We are not elitists as Christians, what we have to share is for everyone, not just a select few. And think of all the strife that could be prevented in the future, or could’ve been prevented in the past, just by using more understandable language. Surely that is what God intended and indeed still intends for us.


Everyone Has A Religion.

You heard me right. Everyone has a religion. Something they value the most over everything else.

This is one reason why God is called the Most High.

When you get this wrong you have big problems.

If everyone didn’t have a religion, it wouldn’t be a taboo subject in “polite conversation”

Of course they are quite possibly going to get upset  in a discussion involving SOMETHING THEY VALUE THE MOST. lol

Atheists this includes you, you have a religion. Your self. And this is why you get angry and spit venom against God when he comes up in discussion. Whether in person on YouTube or facebook or whatever, I don’t recall ever hearing an atheist that didn’t get emotional and vehement. Wouldnt they be apathetic or ignore the issue rather than getting riled up?

And I’ve never heard a good argument against the existence of God from any of them. Not one.

Do not make the mistake of worshiping the creation. Don’t make a clown out of  yourself. Don’t be ignorant. Don’t let the enemy rule you. Because he will come through that open door. You either have the holy spirit or the enemy dwelling inside you.

Worship the Creator. Not the creation.

How Did the Fallen Get So Bad Out the Gate?

How could fallen angels/Elohim be so bad seemingly immediately (rather than progressively) if they started out good? The Lord didn’t revoke their intellect or pull their knowledge out of their minds when he forsook them. They were exceptional (relative to us ‘mundane’ humans anyway, not necessarily within the hierarchy of heaven) beings on the good side and thus in their fall they became exceptional beings of evil. Its not like they had to start all over again when they fell with regards to knowledge. Note I say nothing of their wisdom (as in their lack of wisdom, see psalm 82 verse 5. I take knowledge to mean wisdom rather than for example scientific knowledge.