Black Physics I: The Hidden Purpose of CERN

Black Physics 1: Same Shit Different Aeon

Most of this you hear about CERN is garbage and conspiracy theories that go apeshit. How the fuck do i i know?  I worked 10 years at synchrotron light source in the states. They have been doing this stuff for decades now successfully, hiding behind ‘machine physics’ days where the machine is off limits to regular scientists.

But what are they doing you ask? They have fused science and spirituality and made the technology of the celestial beings manifest here on earth. And they are gonna not so much open portals to other dimensions but rather ‘beam’ things to and from other dimensions. This hasnt included entities up until now. With CERN they finally appear to have achieved the conditions necessary to transport entities without annihilating the target. All of this I will talk about more shortly, as soon as i dig my notes out. I have contacts at CERN from my days working in the same type of labs, and I will be reaching out to them soon. I will be sharing their ‘boots on the ground’ perspective as well as this higher level one. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?