The Lord has seen fit to bless me despite the feebleness of my humanity, the dirty rags where my righteousness should be, and the paltry sum of my works. Officially He titled me “Last of the Judges, and Kin to Prophets of Old”. Trust me I scarcely have more of an idea what it means than you likely do. He likes to reveal things piecemeal, and only as much as we need to know at the time.

I love the Lord, hes such an awesome Father. I couldnt envision him any better, he is perfect without flaw. He is patient and merciful beyond measure. And he loves us more than we could ever  comprehend. His rightenousness is complete. His judgements are just. His decrees never go unfulfilled. And he offers us to co-reign with him on his divine counsel. How amazing is that?


He allows me to serve him, of which I am grateful to my capacity and humble as i possibly can be at a given time. He guides me and i am obedient. He fills me with talent and praise, watches my reaction to it, and ladles more on if I can handle it. All that is good in me i know and comes directly from him. I take no credit for my knowledge, my intellect, my creativity, and anything productive i may have done or people helped. All glory to the Most High. And He turns around and shares it! He will make a living legend out of you if you rise to meet his occasions.

Demons and fallen angels will flee the sound of your voice and the prescense of God within you. This i have experienced, a possessed man proclaimed to be with palpable relief that I came upon him while he was in a fit of torment and instantly they fled he said. I made the beast flee he said (09/24/2017 Cheyenne a homeless man in my area). He went from ranting as a madman to lucid as you or I before my eyes. Of course this manifestation of power was God acting through me, not my own power. That is what scares demons shitless.


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