Pride Vanity & Haughtiness Pt1: The Primary “Gifts” From the Enemy

Part I Of Pride Vanity and Haughtiness

Pride/Vanity and Haughtiness. These are the fruits of a bent tree. Everything good becomes stunted in a person. They do not receive additional gifts nor cultivate existing talents, defaulting to envy. Faking becomes the same as achievement. Bad things happen to them, but they are so quick to avoid and pass on responsibility that they are blind to the understanding of cause and effect. Effect having been generated by cause or action they did. But separated by enough time to forget the linkage! This is an esoteric brahmin class (iirc) interpretation of the curse of samsara in hindu/buddhism. The wheel of reincarnation. People are blind to the karma they generate and pridefully think they can lay it on others.


A marker of spiritual growth is that this gap between cause and effect decreases. Effects come quicker/sooner relative to its cause. and your mind can build on that… and build and build. This is due to the benefits of taking responsibility for your actions, amongst other factors, like instead of being stuck on the same issue banging head on wall you ‘solve’ them and on to the next and so on. If that makes sense at all. I hope it does. Questions are welcomed. Peace.


Author: S. Vyasa V.

I am a firm believer that there is no substitute for a personal relationship with the Lord, Most High. I am here because he moved me to do this, to share what he has shared with me before the end of this age/time. Because it will be too late soon. I was born and raised a church going Christian. I defected around 12-13, and got interested in eastern belief systems, primarily Hinduism and Taoism and Buddhism. I still maintainted my connection with God (which has been there my entire life, and i cant escape from if i tried!). But it wasnt nearly as devotional nor personal as it should be or is now. I wasnt fully immersed in spirituality with it infusing every aspect of my life. I wasnt locked in on fulfilling my calling like i am now. This blog is apart of my calling. I am working on a book that is also part of my calling. Hopefully it will be out soon. Those who know me well and know the Lord say he has dubbed me the last of the Judges of this age, and kin to the Prophets of old. My first name is not by happenstance either. My mother was infertile and according to her God healed her and I was conceived shortly after. Basically my parents wanted to have me, which is a blessing in and of itself. My entire life (im 30) so far has tracked 1 Samuel, eerily so. Considering I have just read 1 Samuel for the first time a year or so ago, it makes my life even more odd. I am not one to get a big ego on about things. Make no mistake. I am in shock about the whole thing, basically refusing to believe that any of this could be true. But evidence largely unstated here has confirmed much of what im saying. I have no idea what to make of it. Except that the Lord has slowly been revealing things to me. I don't believe in operating without confirmation from the Lord. And I dont buy into anything without him saying it to me in his Godlike non-verbal/verbally transcendent way. I always speak only from what El is telling me or has told me in the past. I wish the best for everyone and everything all the time as much as I am able to.

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