Old Testament Written For Jews And Us Too

Its a seal.. or a dog thats blind.

Why is it incorrect to think of the Old Testament as being for Jews ONLY?  It assumes God doesnt ‘plan’ for the future. I am happy to tell you that God is in fact omnipotent and present. His perspective spans the aeons as if it were a day and night to you and i. Of course he made the OT for the Jews, but of course he made it for those who would read it after. All of the peoples that would read it after. Wouldn’t you do the same?

This sad narrow minded perspective also assumes that the Word of God is not a living document nor a living Word. It is indeed a living word and it is such that it is relevant to each and every person, should they be open to hear.

Please stop spreading this LIE around. Its tiresome. And divisive. And probably espoused by self important individuals who want to feel special and who define themselves by excluding others. In other words, by primitive minded individuals.



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